Board Nominations 2021

Justine Movchan

BGA Board and Members,
It is my pleasure to submit my application of nomination to serve on the Board of Directors for Bismarck Gymnastics Academy. 

I am a native of Mandan, North Dakota where I graduated high school. Following that I pursued my Bachelor’s degree with a major in Clinical Laboratory Science and a minor in Chemistry at Bismarck State College and graduated from the University of North Dakota. I am a full-time Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) at the Sanford Mandan East clinic and an owner of Savvy Owl Boutique located in Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck. My husband Randy and I have been married for 19 years and we have two beautiful daughters, Kalyn and Maddyson who are currently optional level USAG gymnasts at BGA.

Prior to my family’s membership at BGA, we were members at Dakota Star Gymnastics in Mandan where my oldest daughter was a USAG compulsory gymnast and my youngest continued her recreational foundation building. In that time, I was an active board member who held the portfolio of fundraising.

Before moving back to the Bismarck/Mandan area, we lived in Grand Rapids, MN. This is where my girls’ gymnastics development began and Kalyn began USAG competition at the age of 6. The gym in Grand Rapids was much different than the local ones in that it was a privately owned and operated facility.

I have been extensively involved at Bismarck Gymnastics Academy as a board member for the past five years and have held the position of secretary for four of those years. In that time, I have worked as part of the board tirelessly to provide the ideal environment for all gymnasts in the Bismarck area. We have seen many major changes at the academy and I feel that each one has been a step forward to making it a place that I WANT to send my girls four days of the week.
In addition to serving on the board, I have also taken a very active role in the Ziegler planning committee each of the seven years that my girls have been part of the USAG program. My role of contacting local vendors for donations has played a huge part in the financial success of the annual home meet and alleviated time needed from staff.

In closing, I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the BGA Board of Directors for another term, during which my girls will be close to finishing out their gymnastics careers and continue to be part of the amazing evolution BGA has gone through over the past six years.

Warm regards, 

Justine Movchan

Germain Krueger


My name is Germain Krueger. I am mom to Cortney who is a Century High School gymnast. She has been a gymnast for nine years. She has participated in the recreation program, tumbling classes, and show team (at a different gym), and the USAG Competitive program.

I grew up in Baldwin, a small town North of Bismarck, and attended school there from grades 1-8 and then attended junior high at Simle and high school at Century. I stayed in the community while attending BSC and graduated from Minot State University with a degree in Business Information Technology. I am employed at Basin Electric Power Cooperative in the information technology department and have worked there for eighteen years. Previous to that I worked for the State of North Dakota for six years.

Much of my life as a mom has included some sort of volunteer service in relation to my children. I chaired the March for Babies team at Basin for five years; helped organize the Bowls for Babies event in Bismarck one year; was a founding member of the Sunrise Elementary PTO in 2009 and served in the capacities of communications chairperson, vice president and president; was the founder of the Liberty Elementary PTO in 2013 and have served in the capacities of vice president and president (4 terms); I was active in the Horizon PAC and have served as team manager for my son’s baseball teams for 11 years, was the team manager for my son’s traveling basketball team, and am currently serving as the President of the Century High Baseball Booster Club.

At BGA I have served on the Board of Directors for four years and a few months. I filled a vacant position in November and the following January I was elected President of the board. I have served in that capacity for the four years I have served the academy. That time has provided me knowledge of the policies, financials, operational necessities and such to ensure smooth business operations.

We have made and seen many changes at the academy in my years on the board, but the goal has always been to move forward to make it a better place for all gymnasts and for our staff. With each change I feel that we have moved closer to achieving that goal and am very proud of the work I have been a part of for Bismarck Gymnastics Academy. The team of staff and board members working for the academy are the core of its strength. The smooth machinery of those players in the business is paramount and I feel strongly that we have the best team that BGA has experienced in all of its years of operation.

I am a driven individual who has a passion to make things run smoothly for all involved with as few moving parts as possible (less is more!). My skills of organizing and working with people and projects using tact and purpose are next to none. I understand board processes and purposes and strive to ensure the board serves those by whom they are elected, instead of solely enhancing their personal interests. Over my years on the board, I have volunteered my professional services in website (two renditions!) and graphic design as well as photography. My extensive community network has also been of great value to the academy in the “it’s who you know” situations. Most of all mentorship is a key to my heart. I love to provide value where it is needed in our people. Mentoring individuals on a personal and professional level has been a large part in what I have provided to multiple staff members over the years. This is a skill that cannot be taught, but is inherently present.

Position Statement

I am passionate about providing the gymnasts at BGA a consistent, team oriented, physically and mentally healthy environment at the place where they spend so much of their young lives. That environment should be conducive to learning, building relationships and a place of comfort. In order to provide this environment, the staff must be supported as professionals from the board and parent members. They need to be encouraged to run the gym FOR THE ATHLETES and provided the freedom to do so. The board should focus on large items such as facility issues, safety of our members, and running the business in a moral, ethical, and cost effective manner.

Mike Kennedy


My name is Mike Kennedy and I am excited to officially submit my application for the Board of Directors at BGA. I have relocated to Bismarck/Mandan last year from Minneapolis after accepting a job in the Governor’s Office and am looking to join the BGA Board because it fits my passion for sports and my professional experience.

I have been managing organizational efforts in marketing, public relations, and communications over the last 13 years, mainly within the sports and entertainment industry. For 10 seasons I worked in Major League Baseball with the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins in their communications departments.


Some of my greatest achievements have been gained through establishing successful communications and marketing campaigns. I have an innovative leadership style and I truly care about the work I do and the people that I impact. I’ve served as spokesperson for multiple organizations and I have a deep understanding of the importance of an organization and its communication to its members. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of a team and have a passion for not only teaching but learning.


My most recent position, I served as Vice President of Marketing for the nonprofit United Heroes League. I know the nonprofit world well and have a deep interest in helping people in all walks of life. I also served on the Board for the Robbinsdale Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission from 2018-20.


On a personal note, I have a strong interest in gymnastics. My wife, Brittany (Ehlis), was a former BGA gymnast and All-American at Hamline University. She is also my favorite gymnast, with a close second being Aly Raisman. 


One thing I can guarantee is that I will bring a diverse background to help drive the mission and accomplish our goals for Bismarck Gymnastics Academy. I am a passionate relationship builder and I would love the opportunity to bring my experience to the Board at BGA.

Thank you for your consideration.

Position Statement

This topic is pretty easy for me. I believe strongly in the need for our future gymnasts to have a safe environment to be able to train, learn, and socialize. The need for these athletes to feel comfortable in training facilities and around coaches and other athletes is crucial to their development. I am excited about the future of USA Gymnastics and the new leadership at the head of the organization that are keen to addressing these issues.