Kindergarten age to 18 years


Our Girls Program focuses on skills on floor, vault, beam and bars. Our program is a progressive skill building program. Gymnasts are evaluated at the end of each session. Once a gymnast successfully demonstrates all skills at an 85% proficiency they will be invited to the subsequent level.  

Through the fundamentals of gymnastics, our gymnasts have shown to develop a hard work ethic, agility and self-confidence.  

As a gym, we pride ourselves on knowledgeable coaches, an encouraging environment and enthusiastic atmosphere.


BGA beginner class is the first recreational class our gymnasts get to experience downstairs. Our goal will focus on fundamental gymnastic techniques, skills, safety and coordination while having fun and staying active! In this class gymnasts will get to build the foundation needed for future classes, friendship with peers and mentorship from their coach. Some skills our gymnasts will learn in this class include, but are not limited to cartwheels, back/forward rolls, various walks on beam and pullovers!  


Our intermediate girls have shown proficiency in beginner girls and are ready to progress to intermediate! Our intermediate class will build on fundamental gymnastics skills and safety, form, coordination, agility and balance in an active, fun  And encouraging environment. Some skills learned in this class include, but are not limited to round offs, bridge kick overs, and back hip circles! 


To finish our recreational program, we have advanced girls. The gymnasts in this program have accomplished the skills needed to pass beginner and intermediate. This class focuses on fitness, proper technique and form. As always, our coaches keep the environment positive and encouraging! Some skills learned in this class include, but are not limited to backhand springs, mill/stride circles, front handsprings, and beam dismounts!