Boys and Girls: Kindergarten age to 18 years

Our Tumbling Program focuses on skills on floor and trampoline. Our program is a progressive skill building program. Gymnasts are evaluated at the end of each session. Once a gymnast successfully demonstrates all skills at a level they will pass to the next level.

Through the fundamentals of gymnastics, we hope the gymnasts will develop a hard work ethic, self awareness and self confidence. Gymnasts will develop balance and agility that they can use in all sports.


In beginner tumbling our athletes have the opportunity to learn the crucial foundation that will be built upon in subsequent classes. Our coaches strive to build a strong foundation by teaching proper terminology, form, and execution. Some skills learned in this class are, but not limited to, cartwheels, forward/backward rolls, various jumps off a mini trampoline and turns on our tumble trak. 


Our intermediate athletes have proved they can execute the skills needed in beginner tumbling at an 85% proficiency for all skills. In this class our athletes will focus on technique, fitness and agility. Some skills learned in this class are, but not limited to, backhand springs, front handsprings, and various skills on the mini trampoline.   


To finish our tumbling classes, we have our advanced tumblers! Athletes move into this class after demonstrating the skills taught in beginner and intermediate tumbling at an 85% proficiency for each skill. During their time in advanced tumblers our athletes get to build on the foundation in previous classes. Now they will learn how to put all the skills they have learned (along with new skills) together, self-awareness, and dexterousness. Some skills learned in this class are, but not limited to, back tucks, round off backhand springs, front tucks, and front/back tucks off the mini trampoline.