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The Pre-Competitive Program is composed of two classes -- Pre-Comp and BIO. Pre-Comp and BIO are both pre-competitive classes whose primary goal is to prepare for competitive gymnastics within a year or two. Gymnasts in the Pre-Competitive Program will be working on USAG Level 2 skills in order to prepare them for Level 3 in which they go to competitions.

Even if a gymnast decides not to continue her career in USAG meets, the Pre-Competitive Program is one of the best ways to effectively develop excellent basics in gymnastics. It also acts as an introduction to the team that allows the gymnast and her parents to "test drive" the USAG system and investigate their own interest in gymnastics. Pre-Comp is for gymnasts 6 years and older. BIO is for gymnasts 6 years and younger.

An annual membership is required to participate in our competitive program. See more information on that here.


Tryouts are held each year in the spring.


Basic skills, flexibility, and attitude are requirements that must be met. Skills range from Beginner to Advanced level gymnastics.

Team members must demonstrate basic abilities and maturity to their coach to move up to the next level. The point in time when they move up will be at the coach's discretion. This will depend on team sizes and the time of year. Typically, athletes are invited to join the Competitive Team in the Spring of each year.


School Year: 2 days per week for 1.5 hours each

Summer: 2 days per week for 1.5 hours each

Schedules will be given to the team prior to the start date.

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