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At BGA, we welcome even the smallest gymnasts! Starting from 18 months old and extending to 5 years old your child can start being active in our program. Our gym is unique in the fact our preschoolers have their own gym area located on our second floor. This allows our coaches to teach our littlest gymnasts in the best way possible. We focus on self-awareness, hand-eye coordination, basic gymnastics shapes and jumps, along with various rolls. Our little gymnasts also get the opportunity to learn varies colors, textures and shapes! 



Our parent-tot class is an excellent way to bond with your toddler! It gets both of you moving and active, along with introducing them to gymnastics. With this class it is expected the parent participate in this class with their child. With engaging lesson plans and lots of fun activity this class suits even the most active toddler!

Parent-Tot classes must have ONE parent/guardian in the class with them at all times.

Parent-Tot class


Tumbling-Tots is our way of introducing basic gymnastic shapes, jumps, rolls, and swings to children ages, 3-5 but not yet in Kindergarten. Parents are not part of this class but required to stay in the observation area. This class also encourages children to interact with peers on the learning experience. While learning the important basics of gymnastics, children will also learn various colors, numbers, shapes and textures. Our coaches strive to be enthusiastic and engaged so our little gymnasts can learn in the best environment!  

Tumbling Tot classes must have ONE parent/guardian in the gym through the duration of the class.


This specialty class is invitational only for our tots aged 3-5, but not yet in Kindergarten. These tots show advanced skills and engagement. They are ready for more difficult skills but not quite old enough to make the move into our beginner program

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