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Private lessons are a great way to give your child that extra boost. Is there a skill that your child needs some additional coaching on? A private lesson is your answer! Private lessons can enhance the skills of any gymnast at any level. 

Scheduling of a private lesson is organized directly with the coaching staff. Our coaches offer lessons to every level of gymnastics. Find the coach that fits the level of coaching you are looking for and click on their email link to get your private lesson scheduled.

  • Abby F. 

    • Beginner/Intermediate Girls & Beginner Tumbling​

  • Aleah P.

    • Intermediate/Advanced Girls & Intermediate Tumbling​

  • Alexis M.

    • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Girls & Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling

  • Jayda P.

    • Intermediate/Advanced Girls

  • Journie U.

    • Beginner Girls & Beginner Tumbling​

  • Kennedy P. 

    • Beginner Girls & Beginner Tumbling​

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